Athletic Tracks Surface

Athletic Tracks Surface installation

We offer 2 types of track-and-field surfaces, granulated or sprayed. These types of surfaces are not only durable, but also low-maintenance, which lowers upkeep costs for our customers. The range of colours we provide will satisfy any heart's desires.

Granule-coated fields: long-term, low-maintenance operation is the greatest advantage here. Laying granule-coating fields takes longer, as no specialised technology or equipment are used in the process: this is bona fide handwork to eliminate any likelihood of poorly laid surface. Track and field athletes favour this very type of playfield surfaces.

With spray-coated playfields, the process is twofold:
  • Special (black) resin primer is applied to asphalt
  • The field is sprayed with a special substance, mixing in a colour selected by the customer
The strongest point with this type of surfaces is lower expense to the customer.

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